OpenAI's ChatGPT restored following global outage

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OpenAI's popular artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, has been restored to its users following a widespread global outage. The disruption affected thousands of individuals, who were unable to access the chatbot on Monday.
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According to online outage tracking site Downdetector, at least 1,200 users were faced with an error message while attempting to use the service. Of those affected, 82% reported issues with ChatGPT, while 11% experienced login difficulties, and 7% encountered problems with the website itself.

Despite the scale of the outage, OpenAI is yet to provide an explanation for the disruption. The company has not yet issued an official statement regarding the matter.

On OpenAI's operational status page, the message "outage on" was displayed, followed by an update indicating that the company was investigating the issue. Almost four hours after the outage began, the platform was once again functioning correctly.

For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, the AI tool uses natural language processing to simulate human-like conversation. The platform has become popular among developers and businesses, who use it for various applications such as chatbots, customer support, and content generation.

Although the cause of the outage remains unknown, users can now breathe a sigh of relief as OpenAI's ChatGPT is back up and running. As one of the leading players in the AI industry, OpenAI is likely to face close scrutiny over the disruption and its response to the incident.